Bespoke Ecommerce Development

Posted: December 28, 2013 9:25:31

Bespoke ecommerce development services in December saw its biggest service uptake in 2 years after the deployment of the 365Developer Ecommerce Engine in the shape of the now very popular car care website

In December alone we have deployed two new ecommerce websites, one for a pavement signs and high street advertising specialist and another as a test bed for a car diagnostic tools supplier.

The two new websites both now run on the 365Developer Ecommerce Engine which is constantly being developed and updated to add new features and functionality for our existing clients.

The engine itself is primarily developed to help ecommerce websites achieve the best possible position in Search Engine Results Pages by leveraging and including all possible SEO factors for product display and markup.

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The Latest Website For Car Care Products

Posted: October 25, 2013 7:31:10

The latest business to benefit from our full service web design package recently saw its website deployed and even received its first order placed not more than 24 hours after being set live! is an online supplier of car care products in the UK and benefits from a fully implemented ecommerce system including social media integration and product schema markup.

The site also uses client side JavaScript for displaying promotions and more but does not use it for the shopping cart system meaning JavaScript is not a requirement of the shopping cart functionality.  The genius of this is for clients not surfing with their JavaScipt enabled their shopping experience will be no different.

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Blog Becomes News

Posted: October 22, 2013 9:30:02

The latest updates to our website have now been deployed with the most notable change being the Blog, which has now become News.

We've taken the decision to retire the 365Developer blog as posts just weren't being produced as regularly as we'd liked.  It made sense to then turn the blog into a news section allowing us to publish business and market web design news and information.

We've also deployed a brand new web page footer, allowing our visitors easier access to the key areas of our website and removing the ugly social media buttons.

Another change that we're pretty excited about is the new 'Social Bar', which allows our visitors to share our content accross the Social Media world.

We've also added our top offers to the footer so you can find the best deals available withing a click of a button!

There's still plenty more updates on the horizon before the end of the year.

Generate More Business From Your Website

Posted: August 06, 2013 5:51:02

So you've invested in your business by getting an online presence but it's not generating any enquiring or worse, sales.  The battle is not over once you have a website, it's just beginning.

We often explain to clients that running a successful website is a fluid process, it is not simply a case of owning a domain with a few pages and that's it.

You should be constantly assessing the online landscape through your competition ensuring you stay one step ahead to maintain the best possible position above them.

This can mean your website is changing a great deal but it's worth it.

We frequently use the analogy of a high street shop window to describe how your competitors may employ visible marketing techniques to encourage more customers, these techniques may include window signs displaying special offers or reasons for consumers to enter their shop over yours.

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Bad Web Design Costs More Than You Think

Posted: February 12, 2013 12:20:55

The cost of bad web design is far higher than start-up businesses anticipate.  Lured to designers by cheap web design quotes that provide a sub standard service all round.

It's a story we've come across all too often.  A business owner wants a decent, professional looking website at a reasonable price.  They get several quotes and decide to take one of the lesser.  What they end up with is either a poorly designed, badly coded site or in some cases, a poorly skinned WordPress website.

The web design industry is unfortunately full of cowboys offering a service which only churns out bad web design projects, forcing clients to shell out even more money for what they wanted and should have received in the first place.  The small print in web design contracts we've read leave the client without much comeback, many stating that approval of a brief, proposal and draft constitute acceptance of any work they carry out and is therefore chargeable as such.

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